Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Antigravity Movie Gives Australian Sci-fi a Lift

It's not typical that you'd get to see a science-fiction movie made in Australia. These films usually come from Hollywood where you'd expect known stars like Keannu Reeves to star in. But a good story and production may still make this one a hit and should definitely give a lift to the Australian film industry.

The story is about a guy doing research on the world's electromagnetic energy grid using a theory by an ex-pilot-who-turned UFO expert. Together with a female photographer, he makes progress with the work on antigravity but - as what usually happens in such movies - the bad guys come in and steal their secret. What are they to do, now that the technology is in the wrong hands?

It's produced, directed, and written by Ian James Colmer of Destiny Films and is definitely a labor of love. It's also based on the life of a real researcher.

I'll bet the bad guys will get exterminated by an antigravity machine that they build themselves. For sure we can expect lots of effects here.

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Leigh Madden said...

so whats happening with this film then?