Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sanctum Plays Your Deepest Fears

There's a movie called Sanctum executive-produced by James Cameron, that promises to play your deepest fears. It's about getting trapped in the belly of the earth surrounded by suffocating cold water. Sanctum is a movie about explorers - cave divers to be exact - who go on an expedition into the deepest and most inaccessible cave system in the world (can't have it any less). The opening if this fictional cave is huge and goes straight down. Base divers jump off the edge and into the darkness below just for kicks. But there's more to this cave that goes deeper into the earth, where a labyrinth of tunnels and caverns awe the imagination and earn the respect of the most experienced explorers!

The story of Sanctum is pretty simple, and the usual group of people who end up forced to make life-saving decisions and sacrifices is used. Of course, some of the members of this group will die with the last few getting into a conflict that brings out the worst (or the best) in them. Usually in such movies, at least one of the characters will opt for self-preservation and abandon the group. But since this post is not about story spoilers, you better just watch the movie.

As a movie about extreme adventure, Sanctum is a must-see movie because it will take you to a place few people get to experience. It can be expected to be visually grand and breathtaking. It's being filmed in 3D is perhaps one good reason in itself to see this film. There's actually a real cave similar to the one shown in Sanctum. It's called the Cave of Swallows (left) and has the world's deepest cave shaft. It's so deep the whole of the Empire State Building can be slid inside easily. It's found in the middle of a rain forest in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. You'd think that the producers of Sanctum would shoot inside this cave, but they wanted it to be easy, so they made cave sets at Warner Roadshow Studios with one making use of Warner's $2.1 water tank.

Sanctum, set in Papua New Guinea, is actually based on a true-to-life story that involved the film's producer and writer Andrew Wight, who was trapped with fourteen other people after the exit to a submerged cave system in the Nullarboor Plain of Australia, collapsed during a storm. A documentary of that event was made and now that drama has become the basis for this feature film, Sanctum. Wight has worked with friend Cameron before in Ghosts of the Abyss.

Watch the trailer of Sanctum here.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Splice Takes After Species Movie

There's this movie called Splice which stars Adrien Brody. The movie explores the possibilities in genetics technology, particularly how genes from one life-form can be transferred or combined with genes from another to create hybrid plants and animals that have characteristics unknown before on Earth. Such ideas of combining animal and plants together in a human body has been explored before in horror/science-fiction films of the past. In ancient history, there's the Chimera which is a creature with the features of different animals combined. In genetics, the term chimera refers to the manifestation of two or more different populations of genetically distinct cells that come from different zygotes.

Characters in movies have been changed into plants, snakes, etc. before. but it's only now that the once-fictional idea is a possibility. Yes, genetics science has inserted genes into plants and animals to produce something new like glowing tobacco plants and fast-growing fish. The technology can be helpful especially in food production, but it's something that you as a person won't like to experience. It's really horrible to think that you can get animal or plant characteristics. But what if you were born as a hybrid with genes form different lifeforms? This is what Splice is all about.

The idea in Splice isn't really new with the story premise already used in movies like Species, but it can still be disturbingly entertaining. It's not so much about the horror but more to do with what an innocent being, Dren (played by Delphine Chaneac), must face in world that does not accept it and where it must exercise it's natural tendencies and urges borne of it's genetic makeup. Oh, the problems Adrien Brody's character faces in the movie!


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