Monday, February 18, 2008

Superhero Parody May Herald End of Superhero Movies

The Superhero Movie is a parody of Spider-Man. By the trailer alone, you can see that it puts new twists into familiar scenes to make us laugh at what we once regarded as serious superhero entertainment. It may not be obvious, but this whole thing of making some classic superhero stuff into a comedy could mean that people, even the movie makers themselves, are beginning to get tired of the old tights and superpower combos.

Yes, there will always be something new for the effects people to make, but beginning in 2008, superheroes, even some we haven't heard before, will be on the big screen one after the other. It may not take long before ticket sales go down. Just how many superhero movies can you make before people would snub them in favor of more real characters in more believable settings? Let's still hope writers will keep dishing out good stories that play well on screen.

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