Saturday, June 28, 2008

Brendan Fraser Turns to the Hulk and More at the Center of the Earth

Classic movies inevitably gets revised these days. Brendan Fraser now gets his name associated with revivals like The Mummy, remade to satisfy the tastes of contemporary viewers.

If there's a new actor who's getting a reputation for starring in light-humored adventure films, then it's Brendan Fraser.

Here he is in his new movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, where he gets into all sorts of adventures and life-threatening situations, like getting his face distorted by slimy liquids, including the spit of a dinosaur.

The on on top shows him doing a take on the Hulk. The one below shows him turn into goo and the third shows him getting butted by a dinosaur in a rodeo near the Earth's mantle.

Everything's in 3D and it's going to take you on a ride you'll find hard to forget!

Brendan Fraser talks about his Journey to the Center of the Earth

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