Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jessica Alba Heats Up Machete Poster

Here's another one from Robert Rodriguez! It's a spin-off from a bogus Grindhouse trailer and inspired by powerful characters in his previous movies like Desperado. It stars Danny Trejo as the lead character who we've seen before in other character incarnations with knives under his coat. In this movie, he carries machetes - lots of them! They're big, too! We can only imagine what he's going to use them for.

Machete also stars Jessica Alba who plays Sartana. She gives the estrogen in this movie opposite the testosterone of craggy-faced Trejo. But with that gin in her hand, she might as well give the adrenaline. This movie is all Rodriguez as we remember how his early movies were. Like Desperado, this one makes the best of Latin American culture, imagery, and sensuality, which can only be described as hot as salsa. It should be deliciously addictive.

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