Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Poster Keeps Classic Tone

Remember those adventure book covers that you used to read as a kid? Well, this poster of Indiana Jones in front of a fiery skull kind of reminds you of them. But I'd prefer it if Indiana Jones is in an action pose rather than standing straight like he's posing for a promotional photograph or displaying his costume at a premiere or during a summer holiday.

The imagery and warm tone of the poster composition do exude earthly, classic, exotic adventure. But it does make me wonder why they used that digital typeface for the subtitle. Does that give a clue to the story or is it just designer preference? The skull in the background does echo Darth Vader in the original Star Wars poster and reminds us of Ford as the no-nonsense pirate Han Solo in Star Wars. Will Harrison Ford look just as young and trim in the movie as he does in the poster? Or will he be like in the inset photo that follows?

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Anyway, this picture of a younger Ford (left) is what you get when the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull poster is stripped of all its fancy trappings. But honestly speaking, Harrison Ford, or the character he plays (Indiana Jones) is a favorite icon of archaeologists. He's been an inspiration to former students out there who now have doctorates in Egyptology and other specialized archaeology sciences.

In the National Museum of the Philippines, for instance, you'd find one of his movie posters on the wall of an office, and it might still be there after all these years. It shows him as Indiana Jones wielding a huge jungle blade and with an amused smile on his face. Coincidentally, the picture is from an archaeology blog. Click on the link or picture to go there.

Here's more to bring in more nostalgia---Carrie Fisher, Ford's co-star in the Star Wars original trilogy, posing with him in a Vanity Fair press photo of the movie series. Below is her as a youthful and svelte Princess Leia Organa as the captive pet of Jabba the Hutt in The Return of the Jedi. Click the inset on the left to take you to more "before and after" photos of Fisher and the rest of the Star Wars cast.

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"How to Enhance Children's Imagination of the Past When Teaching History"

Watch a licensed sneak peek of the Clone Wars movie here, from thenewsroom.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

U2's Vertigo Tour Goes 3D in Movie

The concert tour of U2, Vertigo, will finally be released in a digital 3D format in January 25, 2008. Irish director Catherine Owens will take fans into a new concert experience as they will feel that they are up there on the stage with the band members themselves as they perform. The production is made possible in cooperation with National Geographic. Bono, lead singer of the popular group, has made it his role to inform the world about Africa and the suffering of many people there. This concert is part of that effort. If you are a U2 fan and support Bono's cause and National Geographic, then you should watch this movie. Otherwise, watch it just to experience a concert in 3D without actually being there! Soon, all movies will be in 3D.

Jump here for a video on the press conference with the director.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

PETA Un-fur-les Nude Eva Mendes Poster

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has continued using racy ads with its campaign to promote vegetarianism and protest the use of fur for clothing. In this poster against the use of fur, actress Eva Mendes poses nude, saying she'd rather go naked than wear fur.

The message is okay for a fashion-conscious, entertainment-driven capitalist society, but may not be so for people who live close to nature, like traditional Eskimos who still hunt in the cold wilderness.

Taking this a bit further, it's hard not ot feel sorry for all the chickens out there with no "representation." Shouldn't people also be concerned also with feathers? Millions of chickens end up in the frying pan every day and their feathers only end up in the trash bin and as down in our pillows, for the most part.

Then there's also the hide of animals, like cows, that end up covering the soles of our feet. For the sacrifices of these domestic-commercial animals, they might as well cover for our souls. It makes us wonder about the kind of posters advertisers can design with these animals in mind.

It's a difficult situation that modern people are in. The relationship of human beings with animals really has changed much since prehistoric times. If you're into science stuff, go to Macrocosm Magbook for a news item on how scientists may soon be making spare body parts from skin cells.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

J.J. Abrams Cooks Up Another Mysterious Monster

"Lost" genius J.J. Abrams' highly-anticipated monster movie "Cloverfield" is getting the hype the producers want, setting the stage for a sure blockbuster in 2008. Director Abrams' popularity on television has helped drum up publicity for this new movie, which he produces. It features a mysterious, destructive monster the looks of which remain unknown. It's just like the smoke monster in his TV series "Lost," which is as unfathomable as a black hole in space. The title of the movie itself is subject to speculation. By the looks of the teaser poster, it's going to be another disaster movie, but it's safe to say it won't be a disaster at the box-office. Hollywood really loves new York...

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