Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Alyssa Milano Dressed in Vegetables for PETA

"Charmed" is one way of putting it. Who would think that lettuce leaves and asparagus would look good on an actress? Well, Alyssa Milano, our famous Charmed witch on television pulls it off in a veggie gown worn for a poster of the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA (Asia-Pacific division). The headline says Gawing gulay ang buhay, which is Tagalog (Filipino) for "Make life vegetarian." But actually, it literally translates to "Make life a vegetable." But in spite of this, it's still a good poster.

So, we've got lettuce on a "nude," Alyssa Milano (ok, she's not exactly nude, but we can imagine that she is underneath that salad), but the one below has got something spicier and it's truly nude, or at least it appears to be. It's actress Maggie Q's take on encouraging people to eat vegetables (specifically chili peppers) which I think most people would really like. ; )

Now which poster do you think would be better at encouraging people to eat vegetables and stay away from meat?

Now, who speaks for the plants?

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