Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hilary Swank Looks Like Amelia Earhart

Hilary Swank (top left) plays Amelia Earhart in a movie simply titled Amelia. The casting in this movie is superb and Hilary Swank is perfect for the role not only because she's convincing as a determined historic woman aviator but she also looks like Amelia Earhart! You can compare their looks with the photos above and left (the real Amelia Earhart).

We've all seen how actress Amy Adams played Amelia Earhart in Night at the Museum 2. There, our famous aviator is depicted as playful and alluring - which is only fitting for that kind of movie. In Amelia, which is a documentary drama directed by Indian director Mira Nair (video interview follows), it's all about the real person and how she lived and faced the challenges as a brave woman aviator and one who made history.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ice Age 3 Storyline Molded by Experiences of Cast

One of the things that endears the Ice Age movie characters is their acting like real people. While they're prehistoric animal characters like those found as fossils in the La Brea Tar Pits, there are of course living people behind their voices and actions. It's really the fine cast of actors, actresses, and animators who give believable life to the movie's heroes. They do their jobs so well that it's easy to forget that the movie characters aren't real - and that's the whole point in going to the movies, really - to suspend disbelief.

The stars, like Queen Latifah, Ray Romano, and John Leguizamo, all have stories to tell about how their experiences helped mold the movie story in Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Because this movie is in 3D, it's expected to have a lot more draw than the first two, especially now that people are already familiar with the characters. Above is a video in which you can hear what some of the stars have to say about themselves and the story.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Movies Are Where the Wild Things Are Now

In 1963, a writer and illustrator by the name of Maurice Sendak wrote a story book (left) about a mischievous boy in a wolf-suit named Max who is sent to his room without supper. In his room, a forest grows and it's there he comes face to face with the fierce-looking "wild things." The monsters fail to frighten him however as he learns that staring them in the eye makes them his willing minions. This is how be becomes a king in the eyes of the Wild Things! Max gets a whole world to play in as well as new animal-monster friends.

What adventures await our little hero in the land of the Wild Things? It would seem like the movie is banking on the appeal of different-looking creatures to kids' imaginations. Kids will surely be treated to a lot of them who may stay with them in their own imagination for a long time. The picture book is only ten sentences long and writing the story for the movie was likely a wonderful challenge to writer Dave Eggers and director Spike Jonze. Watch the trailer of Where the Wild Things Are.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Moon Continues with Old Twilight Teen Formula

The second of the Twilight teen vampire movie series is rising and now it's got a love triangle, lots of teen angst, soul-searching, and of course, lots of blood. It's a teen movie with teen situations set in a gothic but modern tale of vampires. It's the kind of movie that teens would love to watch at the cinema just for the sake of enjoying it with friends. The official New Moon trailer is also very popular.

The story of love found in the midst of opposing forces is a favorite of storytellers since time immemorial, but it's something that people still love to watch and is always welcome to a new generation of movie goers, particularly those who are inclined to things pale.

It's amazing how the lead vampire in the Twilight, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), still prefers teen girls when he is after all a lot, and I mean a lot, older than Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), he human girlfriend. He also behaves pretty much like a teenager. Perhaps that's how it is with vampires. Maybe when you get bitten by one as a teenager and turn into a vampire yourself, you get to be a teenager physically, mentally, and emotionally forever - as long as you're not staked through the heart or get your head lopped of, or something.

Twilight: New Moon is directed by Chris Weitz and penned by Melissa Rosenburg. Fans of the first movie based on the book by Stephanie Meyer, will get to see how the relationship of Bella and Edward progresses as they realize just how different they are and how love may not be enough to keep them together. Lots of werewolves also get in the way.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Amy Adams Steals the Scenes in Night at the Museum 2

Amy Adams is aviator Amelia Earhart in Night at the Museum 2, albeit only an animated wax depiction of a character. Nevertheless, she gives spunky appeal to a historical figure that we only see smiling in black and white archival photos. Yes, she definitely steals most of the scenes from lead actor Ben Stiller and is definitely the life of the movie. It's no mystery why the producers cast her for the role.

In the movie, Amy Adams's Amelia Earhart leaves in her plane, and just like what happened to the real one, she disappears leaving behind a mess at the Smithsonian. The movie does not delve into the aftermath of the "battle at the Smithsonian" anymore unlike in the first one, which showed how news reporters captured video of the mayhem. The epilogue to that is left to the imagination of viewers.

At the end of the movie, Amy Adams appears again as a visitor to Stiller's museum, this time sporting straight long hair and spectacles - a nod to the intellectual character of Carla Gugino in the first movie. Of course, Stiller's character sees it as fate that he gets a second chance with a wax woman he falls in love with. The real thing is always better, especially if the character is played by Amy Adams.

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Blood: The Last Vampire Is Buffy and Blade in One Movie

In one movie, a character says that the Japanese take the best of what the world has to offer and make them better. In a way this is true for the movie Blood: The Last Vampire, which is about a Japanese schoolgirl who's half human half vampire. For some reason, she's angry with blood-sucking demons and wants to kill them all (the post WW2 japanese government in the story has a lot to do with it).

The movie has teen elements found in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and also more adult ideas found in the Blade movie series. It's basically an anime-turned-into-a-movie flick with fantasy-girl elements that fans of Japanese anime want to see. The cute monster-fighting samurai girl in school uniform named Saya is at the top of the list. Other elements include the old white-bearded fighting man, and the beautiful-but-deadly nemesis with lethal robe extensions - all of which would be lucrative as action figures and other movie collectibles.

Blood: The Last Vampire is based on the popular series of the same title and brought to the big screen by a producer of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It's from Sony Pictures and stars rising Korean actress Gianna Jun as Saya.

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