Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Movies Are Where the Wild Things Are Now

In 1963, a writer and illustrator by the name of Maurice Sendak wrote a story book (left) about a mischievous boy in a wolf-suit named Max who is sent to his room without supper. In his room, a forest grows and it's there he comes face to face with the fierce-looking "wild things." The monsters fail to frighten him however as he learns that staring them in the eye makes them his willing minions. This is how be becomes a king in the eyes of the Wild Things! Max gets a whole world to play in as well as new animal-monster friends.

What adventures await our little hero in the land of the Wild Things? It would seem like the movie is banking on the appeal of different-looking creatures to kids' imaginations. Kids will surely be treated to a lot of them who may stay with them in their own imagination for a long time. The picture book is only ten sentences long and writing the story for the movie was likely a wonderful challenge to writer Dave Eggers and director Spike Jonze. Watch the trailer of Where the Wild Things Are.

Have you ever tried to enter the land of the Wild Things? If you can't do it like Max does in the story, then getting the Where the Wild Things Are Action Figures is the next best thing! They're monsters, but they're cute! Order this 6-piece random figure set now. Click here or on the image to place your order.

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