Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Amy Adams Steals the Scenes in Night at the Museum 2

Amy Adams is aviator Amelia Earhart in Night at the Museum 2, albeit only an animated wax depiction of a character. Nevertheless, she gives spunky appeal to a historical figure that we only see smiling in black and white archival photos. Yes, she definitely steals most of the scenes from lead actor Ben Stiller and is definitely the life of the movie. It's no mystery why the producers cast her for the role.

In the movie, Amy Adams's Amelia Earhart leaves in her plane, and just like what happened to the real one, she disappears leaving behind a mess at the Smithsonian. The movie does not delve into the aftermath of the "battle at the Smithsonian" anymore unlike in the first one, which showed how news reporters captured video of the mayhem. The epilogue to that is left to the imagination of viewers.

At the end of the movie, Amy Adams appears again as a visitor to Stiller's museum, this time sporting straight long hair and spectacles - a nod to the intellectual character of Carla Gugino in the first movie. Of course, Stiller's character sees it as fate that he gets a second chance with a wax woman he falls in love with. The real thing is always better, especially if the character is played by Amy Adams.

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