Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Korinna Moon Bloodgood Has Part in Terminator: Salvation

What's in a name? Bloodgood's name speaks of raw, earthly - even esoteric power and there's no question she has power in these pictures.

Bloodgood is known for her role in the ABC drama, Daybreak as well as in the NBC sci-fi series, Journeyman.

Now, she's in a cyborg movie currently shooting - the latest in the Terminator franchise - Terminator: Salvation. Her name is hard to forget, and it's likely her role in this movie as Blair Williams will also be memorable even if it's not a primary character. The movie will be released in 2009.

What other things do you find unforgettable about her? See more of her pictures and those of other celebrities cast in new movies in Movie Cast Pictures.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Terminator: Salvation Brings Back the Cybernetic Assassins

After Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to play a good terminator for the second time, everyone thought it was the end of the series for the movie, especially after revealing that the war was inevitable since "Judgement Day" was supposed to happen no matter what the protagonists did. The television series did noting to help erase that perception.

But like the terminator, such sci-fi franchises are unlikely to die, and here we have the latest of the cyber-series, still based on the premise of a self-aware computer that attempts to conquer the world by sending cybernetic organisms (originally designed by the late Stan Winston) to the past to kill off the rebels while still living as kids.

Titled Terminator: Salvation, it hopes to bring new interest to the story after all was thought to have ended with Schwarzenegger's new role as Governor of California (though he may have still wanted to act... but his desire is irrelevant now and so is the question of whether he'll be back or not).

The movie stars Christian Bale as the adult John Connor, Sam Worthington as a terminator, Korinna Moon Bloodgood, and Bryce Dallas Howard. Bale is currently enjoying the spotlight for the phenomenal success of The Dark Knight with his role as Bruce Wayne and the Batman.

What is the hidden subliminal message in the Terminator: Salvation trailer?

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Action Film for Michelle Yeoh in Babylon AD

Lots of movie stars shine for a few years and then disappear, but Michelle Yeoh isn't one of them. Her movies are released one after the other and most of them are now action adventures, where she does martial arts, like in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Here she is again starring with Vin Diesel and newcomer Melanie Thierry, as the girl in trouble, in a movie laden with special effects.

See a young Michelle Yeoh in a rarely-seen sexy, temptress pose

Watch the trailer of Babylon AD

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still Was When Keannu Reeves Played an Alien

In the new sci-fi thriller, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Keannu Reeves plays an alien who gets interrogated by the government. In this movie, the alien ships are giant shiny spheres that come out of hiding places like the ocean.

The trailer doesn't give any clues as to what the aliens look like, except for Reaves, but then his character claims that only his body is human.

The movie also stars Jennifer Connelly.

Keannu Reeves as an alien-looking doll made of resin

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Cherilyn Wilson Gets Star Attention in Parasomnia

Cherilyn Wilson (top), a young actress who has appeared in shows like Supernatural, is now the star of horror film Parasomnia, in which she plays a sick girl who spends most of her time asleep and dreaming nightmares.

A guy falls in love with her. The problem is that there's another sick guy in the room with her who's sick not only physically but mentally as well, and who tries to get to her in her dreams in his own twisted way. What's the other guy to do?

Smaller left picture of a girl getting a taste of blood is that of actress Kathryn Leigh Scott.

Cherilyn Wilson Photo

Nude version of Parasomnia movie publicity artwork

Love Story 2050 a Big First for Sci-Fi Bollywood

Bollywood movies are typically associated with song and dance numbers no matter what the genre, it seems.

But Love Story 2050 is really a departure from what we used to identify with Indian cinema. Such a title and premise is really more suitable for a movie done by Japanese producers, particularly for mecha- or anime-inspired genre. The fact that it's made in India, makes it more intriguing.

The film is set in a futuristic India and replete with gadgets, gizmos, awe-inspiring futuristic urban vistas brimming with Indian flavor. It introduces Harman Baweja (left) opposite Priyanka Chopra (top left). It's directed by Harry Baweja.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Isabella Leong Dons Fur Coat of Abominable Snowman in The Mummy 3

Here are two stills from the movie The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor starring Jet Li with Brendan Fraser. The actress shown is Isabella Leong, otherwise known as Lok-si Leung and Luoshi Liang. If you look closely, it seems that the fur coat she's wearing came from the abominable snowman in the next picture. No wonder it's angry. "Where's my fur?!"

Jet Li in San Miguel Beer commercial.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Anna Walton Goes Sexy Goth in Hellboy 2

The main bad guy in Hellboy 2, Prince Nuada, has a sister, Princess Nuala (played by Anna Walton; left) and apparently, they're both albinos with radiation sickness. It's amazing what a little makeup can do to transform Walton into a deathly, sexy, gothic babe. Some people really find this appealing, in a morbid kind of way.

Hellboy 2 is really a movie makeup extravaganza beside the fact that much of the original plans for the creatures were shelved due to production limitations.

Watch Hellboy 2 in action!

Anna Walton on the red carpet

Hellboy 2 Villain Deadringer for Master Morlock in The Time Machine

Hellboy 2, directed by Guillermo del Toro, now famous for his work in Pan's Labyrinth, is highly-anticipated by comic book fans. There's a new villain loose, Prince Nuada (played by Luke Goss) but he kind of looks familiar. Isn't he the master Morlock character played by Jeremy Irons (smaller picture) in The Time Machine movie? See how they compare.

Hellboy 2 Video

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Guillermo del Toro Signature Eyes in HellBoy 2

Film director Guillermo del Toro became associated with fantasy movies when he made Pan's Labyrinth, a film that didn't have any Hollywood participation. But it caught the attention of everyone in Hollywood, and not surprisingly, del Toro's past work is been referred to in the trailer of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, the second in the series that he's directed, with this one having more eye-conic references to Pan's Labyrinth.

Del Toro says to the Seattle Times in an interview for Labyrinth: "The seriousness of that theme is only one of the ways "Pan's Labyrinth" differs from popcorn-munchers like "Hellboy... I think of 'Hellboy' as a really nice, fat cheeseburger, where this one (Pan's Labyrinth) is more like a dish of homemade nouvelle cuisine. But I couldn't have made "Pan's Labyrinth" if I hadn't made 'Hellboy' first."

Del Toro's "Pan-tastic" signature images---like the use of disturbing eyes in body parts other than the face (his are in the right place, though)---are obvious in this new film as the picture shows, giving the comic pop icon movie the kind of psychological creepiness you would usually only find in fantasy-horror movies like, well, Pan's Labyrinth!

Get your own Angel of Death now before the real one comes for you!

Hellboy 2 Trailer

Hellboy II: The Golden Army creatures trimmed down