Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Terminator: Salvation Brings Back the Cybernetic Assassins

After Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to play a good terminator for the second time, everyone thought it was the end of the series for the movie, especially after revealing that the war was inevitable since "Judgement Day" was supposed to happen no matter what the protagonists did. The television series did noting to help erase that perception.

But like the terminator, such sci-fi franchises are unlikely to die, and here we have the latest of the cyber-series, still based on the premise of a self-aware computer that attempts to conquer the world by sending cybernetic organisms (originally designed by the late Stan Winston) to the past to kill off the rebels while still living as kids.

Titled Terminator: Salvation, it hopes to bring new interest to the story after all was thought to have ended with Schwarzenegger's new role as Governor of California (though he may have still wanted to act... but his desire is irrelevant now and so is the question of whether he'll be back or not).

The movie stars Christian Bale as the adult John Connor, Sam Worthington as a terminator, Korinna Moon Bloodgood, and Bryce Dallas Howard. Bale is currently enjoying the spotlight for the phenomenal success of The Dark Knight with his role as Bruce Wayne and the Batman.

What is the hidden subliminal message in the Terminator: Salvation trailer?

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