Friday, July 4, 2008

Guillermo del Toro Signature Eyes in HellBoy 2

Film director Guillermo del Toro became associated with fantasy movies when he made Pan's Labyrinth, a film that didn't have any Hollywood participation. But it caught the attention of everyone in Hollywood, and not surprisingly, del Toro's past work is been referred to in the trailer of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, the second in the series that he's directed, with this one having more eye-conic references to Pan's Labyrinth.

Del Toro says to the Seattle Times in an interview for Labyrinth: "The seriousness of that theme is only one of the ways "Pan's Labyrinth" differs from popcorn-munchers like "Hellboy... I think of 'Hellboy' as a really nice, fat cheeseburger, where this one (Pan's Labyrinth) is more like a dish of homemade nouvelle cuisine. But I couldn't have made "Pan's Labyrinth" if I hadn't made 'Hellboy' first."

Del Toro's "Pan-tastic" signature images---like the use of disturbing eyes in body parts other than the face (his are in the right place, though)---are obvious in this new film as the picture shows, giving the comic pop icon movie the kind of psychological creepiness you would usually only find in fantasy-horror movies like, well, Pan's Labyrinth!

Get your own Angel of Death now before the real one comes for you!

Hellboy 2 Trailer

Hellboy II: The Golden Army creatures trimmed down

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mahakk01 said...

I really like your post as we get lot of entertainment news here. I like HellBoy first part. HellBoy 2 seems interesting but can't say much without watching it. I am expecting it to be good movie. If anyone of watched it. Do share your reviews.
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