Sunday, December 7, 2008

J.J. Abrams's Vision of the Future in Star Trek

The starship Enterprise of J.J. Abrams's Star Trek movie wasn't exactly the first one in Gene Roddenberry's universe (there's Captain Archer's Enterprise), but the full-length trailer of the movie shows Abrams fondness for cinema flashbacks and establishing scenes that gives the main character his motivation for his actions later in the movie. It also gives us a hint as to how he envisions the future in a Star Trek setting.

In the trailer, we see an elder Spock with a young girl who appears to be sick or dying. We also see a young Spock and a young Kirk of about 10 who is apparently bent on going somewhere, riding an antique sports car with an Iowa license and being chased by a highway patrolman (or robot) who asks his name. That's actually the defining moment when we are made to realize that there are bigger things to come.

It's every fan's guess that it's to see the Enterprise in construction in some space shipyard. Later, we see an older but a still young Kirk (Chris Pine) on an antique motorbike stopping by and admiring the Enterprise in construction.

We can speculate how that part of the story is about how Kirk and Spock become friends after going through conflicts with the common goal of neutralizing the villain in the form of Eric Bana (who speaks with a Scottish, or Irish, accent for some reason), but it's still a question on what the elder Spock is reminiscing about the past.

This is the Enterprise that became popular in the original series. Take this one home where no starship has ever gone before!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Carla Gugino Made Stereotypically Super Sexy in Watchmen... and Then Some

Carla Gugino is an actress who's played a lot of roles, but in Watchmen, she plays a superhero for the first time and to play the part convincingly, she has to look the part and she's succeeded so successfully and easily (at least from our point of view) to transform her body into that of a solid, strong, superhero lady. It makes you wonder what kind of weight loss regimen and muscle building training she went through. A lot of people would pay much for that.

It's likely she was chosen for her excellent performance in Sin City, where she played a sexy dancer. And from the photos of her that's all over the Internet, it's obvious she's more comfortable with sporting a voluptuous body (left) rather than a slimmer and svelter one.

Nevertheless, she's always okay with her fans whatever physical state her role demands and she's always fit anyway. Still, it's amazing how she's able to transform herself more "fittingly" for the role as Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre.

Of course, the Silk Spectre's as well as the looks of the other hero characters are stereotypical. The costumes are always meant to emphasize the body. We all have Superman to blame for wearing those circus strongman tights. Superheroes also move in the same way. Like when they drop from above, they always land forcefully with one knee down (like what the Nite Owl does at left), before slowly rising. Batman's done that, Blade's done that, even Trinity in The Matrix did one. Nothing new.

Nuclear explosion special effects are also typical in superhero stories. But this cliche is used in a different manner in Watchmen, as two of our heroes are made to kiss against the backdrop of one. They should at least have used some protection. But heck, they're superheroes and likely already covered with radiation-deflecting rubber tights. They don't need it, right?

Here is the Silk Spectre, but she's not Carla Gugino! She's based on actress Malin Akerman's Silk Spectre 2 who comes after Gugino's character in Watchmen! Immortalized in hand-painted porcelain, she seems to say, "Buy me now, or I'll knock the daylights out of you!"

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dark Streets Reveal Underground Scene of the 1930s

It's dark stylized nostalgia time when it comes to the movie Dark Streets. Reminiscent of the styles used in movies like Sin City, this one, directed by Rachel Samuels, takes you into the tempting and seductive fantasy world of shameless glitz, burlesque glamour, and gangster and teaches you a thing or two about the consequences of getting involved with all three.

The story, while appearing to be an excuse to feature the sights and sounds of the 30's theater scene, is intriguing in it's no-fail idea of a man who's had too much of the good life in the shadow of a huge Damocles sword.

First, there's the thrill and then there's the defeat. Will anyone find redemption in this movie? Perhaps those who made it will, because the trailer really is just a peek of the 30s fantasy that moviegoers would like to dive into. This movie stars Gabriel Mann, Izabella Miko (of Coyote Ugly), and burlesque dancer Tracy Phillips.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Underworld Series Goes for the Prequel

Ever since George Lucas went for a Star Wars prequel trilogy, others have followed suit. Now, there are lots of prequel movies and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is no exception. It just tells the story of how the vampires and werewolves of the previous movies came to be enemies.

Of course, this prequel also tells the story of an unlikely couple on opposite sides of the fence and they make the war a bit more interesting. This movie stars Rhona Mitra (former Lara Croft image model) as a warrior vampire who falls in love with Lycan leader, Lucian.

As before, the viewer is treated to dark, somber, blue-hued scenes played in decaying settings (which kind of makes you wonder sometimes what's taking place in a scene). Who could ask for anything less?

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Jensen Ackles Is in My Bloody Valentine Remake

Eighteen years ago, a horror movie was made called My Bloody Valentine. Now, there's a remake of the classic film, called My Bloody Valentine 3D. It's still a B-movie, but it's one that uses the latest in 3D technology and high definition.

It stars Jensen Ackles, the obnoxious ghost hunter from Supernatural. The popularity of the ghost series will surely make this movie a hit, if it's just for Ackles. It also stars Jamie King of Sin City and Torque fame (left). Watch the trailer of My Bloody Valentine 3D here.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Zachary Quinto Revealed as Mister Spock for the First Time

Here is an officially-released movie still from Star Trek (2009) from director J.J. Abrams showing Zachary Quinto as Spock for the first time. Quinto, who has worked with known for his role as an evil mutant in the science-fiction series, Heroes was chosen to play half-Vulcan Spock in the latest movie of the series, which takes fans back to the time before the 5-year mission of the Enterprise.

Quinto has features similar to actor Leonard Nimoy's, the original Spock (left with Quinto). According to Quinto, Nimoy became sort of like a surrogate father to him (he grew up fatherless) during the project and narrates how he was taught how to do the "live long and prosper" Vulcan hand sign.

Quinto was also likely taught how to squeeze the neck of people the Vulcan way like what he's doing to someone on the Enterprise bridge in the picture. Clue - it's likely that someone is destined to be his friend. But why is Spock angry? Hmm, that does not appear to be logical. He's not the bad guy here. The villain for this movie is played by Eric Bana and is called Nero.

Spock, unflappable and emotionless as he is by nature, can sometimes be filled with rage, like what happens in the episode "Amok Time." The logical thing to do is buy him now... or else!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Zach and Miri Make a Porno Movie a Fresh Take on Versatile Actress Elizabeth Banks

Zach and Miri Make a Porno is one movie that American Pie fans would like to watch. It's a movie about amateurs making a porno movie out of desperation. It's a comedy satire that hits on reality, but moviegoers won't be seeing this one for the social message it conveys. Hey, it's just a movie, after all. It's clean fun that's just the right dash of naughtiness.

But comedy fans would surely laugh at the antics of the characters like Elizabeth Banks' Miri, whom we've often seen in other movies like Fred Clause, then we wonder where we'd see her again next. It also stars Seth Rogen. Here, Elizabeth Banks shows off her innocent looks in a character who acts in an amateur porno flick.

See what Elizabeth Banks has to say about "Zach and Miri Make a Porno" and her response to the controversy surrounding it, here.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

House: Another Horror Movie Set in a House Where No One Gets Out

The house is a favorite of horror writers when it comes to settings. As a place where we live in, it's arguably the most safe and secure of all the places on this Earth. But of course, in horror stories, the house is turned into the most terrifying places that could ever be.

It used to be almost always the supernatural, ghosts, and madmen that are used as the antagonists in a story, but in this 2008 fall movie called "House," (not to be confused with the hospital comedy series), it's all three. By the looks of it, there's a bit of Jason and Amityville Horror in this one.

Two couples get in, a madman threatens to kill them unless they kill one of their own. In the process of looking for a solution, they discover a secret inside the haunted house that could very well free them from the horror. This juicy Halloween treat stars Michael Madsen, Heidi Dippold, and Julie Ann Emery (see more pictures of her in Movie Cast Pictures).

Ever hoped to get a haunted house of your own and solve the mystical puzzle inside? You can with the Puzz 3-D Haunted House Puzzle! Spirit it away for you or your kid for only $9.99.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thai Actress Panward Hemmanee Gets Hollywood Attention in Bangkok Dangerous

Panward who? Panward Hemmanee. You know, the pretty Thai model and actress who co stars with Nicolas Cage in Bangkok Dangerous. Ah, the Panward Hemmanee! Yes!

It's two different world's for Thai actress Panward Hemmanee. In one - Thailand - she's well known, but in the other - the US - where people don't recognize her and find it hard to remember her name, she's not. But it's likely not going to be for long now that she's starring in Bangkok Dangerous with superstar Nicolas Cage.

Also, once you see Panward Hemmanee's sexy photos, you'll likely ask for more of her. After this movie, it's also likely she'll be cast in more Hollywood films.

Bangkok Dangerous also stars Hong Kong actress Charlie Leung (below). Charlie strangely resembles Panward and the two are often confused as is the case in some sites that show their pictures (this blog included). But all's right now.

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Nicolas Cage Shows How to Make Clueless Expressions in Knowing

Nicolas Cage stars in another "knowing the future" movie after Next. This time, it's called Knowing, but it's still about disasters, how to prevent them, coping with skepticism, and finding the secret behind the numbers that somehow predict the future.

For the most part, Cage's character (as well as co star Rose Byrne's) is clueless and it really shows in his face. Here are the many ways to show this expression as only Nicolas Cage can.

Watch the interview with Knowing director Alex Proyas at the ComicCon 2008.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kristin Kreuk Does Stuff She's Never Done Before in Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Kristin Kreuk is no stranger to hanging by the wires - she's done so many times already for Smallville. But what she's been doing for Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun-Li is something else. Costars and production people have expressed their amazement at her stunts. Even Kreuk herself said she hadn't done anything as close to what she's done so far.

These aren't the sexy action figure of Chun-Li, but they're really cute! Order them now!

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Ghost in a Shell Movie to be in 3D and from DreamWorks

The Ghost in a Shell movie has long been awaited by anime fans all over with producer and director names being mentioned to be connected with it. But after wrangling, it now seems DreamWorks will be doing the live action take, and it's going to be in 3D.

Director Steven Spielberg of DreamWorks said the genre of Ghost in a Shell has arrived, and that it's enthusiastically welcomed in DreamWorks. On the other hand, DreamWorks prexy of production Adam Goodman said "Ghost in the Shell" is a property "that epitomizes 3-D live-action motion picture possibilities."

Yes, soon the main character, Motoko Kusanagi is going to be seen like she's there in front of you in all her glory, and like for real!

Can't get enough ot Motoko Kusanagi? Get her fully-articulate body action figure! Order now!

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Justin Chatwin As Goku with Crazy Hairstyle

With just a little hair-tweaking and a bit of workout, who would have thought that actor Justin Chatwin could actually resemble Son Goku for the Hollywood Dragonball movie?

Let's not forget that actress Emmy Rossum as Bulma (below) also works quite well. The casting person who chose these two certainly knew how to pick those with big anime-eyes.

Watch the Dragonball Movie teaser here.

Limited Supply Superb Dragonball Action Figures. Own them now!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Antigravity Movie Gives Australian Sci-fi a Lift

It's not typical that you'd get to see a science-fiction movie made in Australia. These films usually come from Hollywood where you'd expect known stars like Keannu Reeves to star in. But a good story and production may still make this one a hit and should definitely give a lift to the Australian film industry.

The story is about a guy doing research on the world's electromagnetic energy grid using a theory by an ex-pilot-who-turned UFO expert. Together with a female photographer, he makes progress with the work on antigravity but - as what usually happens in such movies - the bad guys come in and steal their secret. What are they to do, now that the technology is in the wrong hands?

It's produced, directed, and written by Ian James Colmer of Destiny Films and is definitely a labor of love. It's also based on the life of a real researcher.

I'll bet the bad guys will get exterminated by an antigravity machine that they build themselves. For sure we can expect lots of effects here.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heath Ledger Immortalized as The Dark Knight's Joker Figurine

Heath Ledger is now a limited action figure as The Joker (half-body bust on left), which he played so fabulously in The Dark Knight. The genius of Ledger's acting is creatively portrayed in the design of his character, with it's menacing pose and demeanor. It has 28 points of articulation.

While it was still unavailable, fans were already lining up for orders. This is sure to be a valuable collectors' item in the years to come. It's also something to remember Heath Ledger (below) by in his last movie performance.

Get your Limited Edition Heath Ledger Joker Action Figure

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