Monday, October 6, 2008

House: Another Horror Movie Set in a House Where No One Gets Out

The house is a favorite of horror writers when it comes to settings. As a place where we live in, it's arguably the most safe and secure of all the places on this Earth. But of course, in horror stories, the house is turned into the most terrifying places that could ever be.

It used to be almost always the supernatural, ghosts, and madmen that are used as the antagonists in a story, but in this 2008 fall movie called "House," (not to be confused with the hospital comedy series), it's all three. By the looks of it, there's a bit of Jason and Amityville Horror in this one.

Two couples get in, a madman threatens to kill them unless they kill one of their own. In the process of looking for a solution, they discover a secret inside the haunted house that could very well free them from the horror. This juicy Halloween treat stars Michael Madsen, Heidi Dippold, and Julie Ann Emery (see more pictures of her in Movie Cast Pictures).

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