Saturday, August 23, 2008

British Gymnast Alison Carrol as New Lara Croft Image Model

For most of us, Angelina Jolie comes to mind when we hear "Lara Croft." But that's just for the movies. For the video game, image models are hired who literally play the sexy adventurer in promotions. Actress Rhona Mitra was the first model endorser back in 1997 (left). That was nine years ago. Now, it's British gymnast, Alison Carrol who dons the boots and big double guns.

Carrol (top) has 12 years of gymnastics training and can literally do the jumping and twirling stunts of the character she portrays. Aside from that, she also underwent a crash course in weapons and academic archaeology training. When you have to be realistic, the guys at video game company Eidos leaves no stone unturned.

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