Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Plumber is Hero in Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

What is it with plumbers that make them heroic? How many times have they saved the world (of movies) from going down the drain?

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer has another plumber for a hero, albeit a reluctant one. But circumstances around him forces him to do what must be done. And that's to slay monsters - monsters that used to be people.

This movie makes use of an old but still effective plot. In terms of concept, well, we've seen it before, but let's admit it, it's still a popcorn movie that can be fun to watch with your friends!

Then again, it's plainly another movie where someone turns into a monster and infects other people. Yes, it's got tentacles (no doubt inspired by hentai anime) and other gross stuff of transformation. It will not appeal to all people, but fans of horror films will love it even if it's just for Robert Englund, whom we all know played Freddie Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street. It also features Trevor Matthews and Rachel Skarsten (left).

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