Friday, August 1, 2008

Voldemort's Nose was Normal in Childhood

Have you ever wondered why the adult Lord Voldemort's nose is squashed the way it is? Actually, his look is supposed to resemble that of a snake as he was transformed into an evil sorcerer after he lost his body after failing to destroy Harry Potter and his Avada Kedavra spell rebounded. But, as a child, it was normal, as the still from one of the movie teasers of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince shows.

It's a movie that reveals details about Voldemort's childhood, but it's advised that viewers should watch the other previous movies first to know what's happening in this one. It's easy to miss a few dialogues and then you wonder what's going on. It's better if you have read the books, but then there's less thrill in watching.

Voldemort is one of those villains that will go down into history like Star War's Darth Vader. He wasn't always evil - he only had the tendency towards that as a child and it was what he embraced. The character is a reminder to us all that there is a choice between what's good... and what's easy.

What do you know about The Deathly Hallows?

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