Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Carla Gugino Made Stereotypically Super Sexy in Watchmen... and Then Some

Carla Gugino is an actress who's played a lot of roles, but in Watchmen, she plays a superhero for the first time and to play the part convincingly, she has to look the part and she's succeeded so successfully and easily (at least from our point of view) to transform her body into that of a solid, strong, superhero lady. It makes you wonder what kind of weight loss regimen and muscle building training she went through. A lot of people would pay much for that.

It's likely she was chosen for her excellent performance in Sin City, where she played a sexy dancer. And from the photos of her that's all over the Internet, it's obvious she's more comfortable with sporting a voluptuous body (left) rather than a slimmer and svelter one.

Nevertheless, she's always okay with her fans whatever physical state her role demands and she's always fit anyway. Still, it's amazing how she's able to transform herself more "fittingly" for the role as Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre.

Of course, the Silk Spectre's as well as the looks of the other hero characters are stereotypical. The costumes are always meant to emphasize the body. We all have Superman to blame for wearing those circus strongman tights. Superheroes also move in the same way. Like when they drop from above, they always land forcefully with one knee down (like what the Nite Owl does at left), before slowly rising. Batman's done that, Blade's done that, even Trinity in The Matrix did one. Nothing new.

Nuclear explosion special effects are also typical in superhero stories. But this cliche is used in a different manner in Watchmen, as two of our heroes are made to kiss against the backdrop of one. They should at least have used some protection. But heck, they're superheroes and likely already covered with radiation-deflecting rubber tights. They don't need it, right?

Here is the Silk Spectre, but she's not Carla Gugino! She's based on actress Malin Akerman's Silk Spectre 2 who comes after Gugino's character in Watchmen! Immortalized in hand-painted porcelain, she seems to say, "Buy me now, or I'll knock the daylights out of you!"

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