Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dark Streets Reveal Underground Scene of the 1930s

It's dark stylized nostalgia time when it comes to the movie Dark Streets. Reminiscent of the styles used in movies like Sin City, this one, directed by Rachel Samuels, takes you into the tempting and seductive fantasy world of shameless glitz, burlesque glamour, and gangster and teaches you a thing or two about the consequences of getting involved with all three.

The story, while appearing to be an excuse to feature the sights and sounds of the 30's theater scene, is intriguing in it's no-fail idea of a man who's had too much of the good life in the shadow of a huge Damocles sword.

First, there's the thrill and then there's the defeat. Will anyone find redemption in this movie? Perhaps those who made it will, because the trailer really is just a peek of the 30s fantasy that moviegoers would like to dive into. This movie stars Gabriel Mann, Izabella Miko (of Coyote Ugly), and burlesque dancer Tracy Phillips.

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