Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Moon Continues with Old Twilight Teen Formula

The second of the Twilight teen vampire movie series is rising and now it's got a love triangle, lots of teen angst, soul-searching, and of course, lots of blood. It's a teen movie with teen situations set in a gothic but modern tale of vampires. It's the kind of movie that teens would love to watch at the cinema just for the sake of enjoying it with friends. The official New Moon trailer is also very popular.

The story of love found in the midst of opposing forces is a favorite of storytellers since time immemorial, but it's something that people still love to watch and is always welcome to a new generation of movie goers, particularly those who are inclined to things pale.

It's amazing how the lead vampire in the Twilight, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), still prefers teen girls when he is after all a lot, and I mean a lot, older than Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), he human girlfriend. He also behaves pretty much like a teenager. Perhaps that's how it is with vampires. Maybe when you get bitten by one as a teenager and turn into a vampire yourself, you get to be a teenager physically, mentally, and emotionally forever - as long as you're not staked through the heart or get your head lopped of, or something.

Twilight: New Moon is directed by Chris Weitz and penned by Melissa Rosenburg. Fans of the first movie based on the book by Stephanie Meyer, will get to see how the relationship of Bella and Edward progresses as they realize just how different they are and how love may not be enough to keep them together. Lots of werewolves also get in the way.

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