Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hollywood Goes Googoo over Mecha after Transformers

The blockbuster success of Michael Bay's Transformers has prompted Hollywood to take a deeper dip into the Japanese-inspired mecha anime genre and take on projects like Voltron and Robotech. Hey, if the American and world audience can accept "live action" giant robots on the big screen, then why not giant robots that transform into fighter planes (or feline forms) and fight alien invaders? It's the new thing in science-fiction and I believe old fans of such series have been pining for live versions of the cartoons for years. But of course it had to take that long since it's these same fans (now grown up) that are making their dreams and fantasies into reality.

Now, who would not want to see their favorite mecha heroes as real people, especially Lynn Minmei (two cartoon renditions of her on the left; an artist's portrait below), who's song seem to turn the tides of battle in favor of Earth's robotech warriors. While the details of the movie itself are yet to be laid down. Tobey Maguire of Spider-Man fame will produce and star in Robotech, which will be under Warner Brothers. Which makes me wonder who will be cast as Lynn Minmei and nurse Dana Sterling (below left).
And what about the Voltron movie? This will be from producer Mark Gordon (The Day After Tomorrow). I think this won't make a big splash as Robotech (which has more of a cult following due to several anime movies to its credit) although it will be watched my many who used to follow the cartoon series (with Optimus Prime's voice narrating the intro). In my opinion, they should have went for Voltes V instead, which is more Japanese, "original," and with a kung-fu teacher-student story that can appeal to children and adults alike. And who can forget the timeless line of the Armstrong kids? "Father! Father!"

Well, anyway, you might also be interested to know that there's also a Dragonball Z movie (bottom) in the works. I don't know what to think about this, since it may be a bit difficult to make the animated alien characters believable. I mean, they're all hilarious, serious, and unbelievable at the same time! I can't imagine how they can be the same if they're real people, unless, they make them like the latest movie incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

But these movies only mean one thing in the end, and that's merchandise that will earn more money than the move can ever make in one week!
Watch a video of Tobey Maguire and read more about his Robotech movie here in i-Mash.

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