Sunday, September 2, 2007

Destination Truth Unravels the Supernatural

We've been acquainted with shows like The X-Files and the Supernatural. Entertaining, yes, but hardly true. Now, there's a new show on The Sci-Fi Channel that aims to bring out the truth behind most of the supernatural things that you've seen in both shows. Join Josh Gates as he tours the globe in search of the facts behind stories that strike fear in your hearts, boggle the mind, and stir the imagination. Journey with him in Chile in search of the true blood-sucking El Chupacabra; walk with him in South Africa as he finds clues to the dwarf boogeyman with a taste for tobacco snuff users. If you know of a supernatural creature that you would want Josh and his team to investigate, you can contact them to suggest a topic for a future show. Click here.

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