Saturday, December 8, 2007

PETA Un-fur-les Nude Eva Mendes Poster

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has continued using racy ads with its campaign to promote vegetarianism and protest the use of fur for clothing. In this poster against the use of fur, actress Eva Mendes poses nude, saying she'd rather go naked than wear fur.

The message is okay for a fashion-conscious, entertainment-driven capitalist society, but may not be so for people who live close to nature, like traditional Eskimos who still hunt in the cold wilderness.

Taking this a bit further, it's hard not ot feel sorry for all the chickens out there with no "representation." Shouldn't people also be concerned also with feathers? Millions of chickens end up in the frying pan every day and their feathers only end up in the trash bin and as down in our pillows, for the most part.

Then there's also the hide of animals, like cows, that end up covering the soles of our feet. For the sacrifices of these domestic-commercial animals, they might as well cover for our souls. It makes us wonder about the kind of posters advertisers can design with these animals in mind.

It's a difficult situation that modern people are in. The relationship of human beings with animals really has changed much since prehistoric times. If you're into science stuff, go to Macrocosm Magbook for a news item on how scientists may soon be making spare body parts from skin cells.

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