Sunday, December 9, 2007

U2's Vertigo Tour Goes 3D in Movie

The concert tour of U2, Vertigo, will finally be released in a digital 3D format in January 25, 2008. Irish director Catherine Owens will take fans into a new concert experience as they will feel that they are up there on the stage with the band members themselves as they perform. The production is made possible in cooperation with National Geographic. Bono, lead singer of the popular group, has made it his role to inform the world about Africa and the suffering of many people there. This concert is part of that effort. If you are a U2 fan and support Bono's cause and National Geographic, then you should watch this movie. Otherwise, watch it just to experience a concert in 3D without actually being there! Soon, all movies will be in 3D.

Jump here for a video on the press conference with the director.

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