Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Megan Gale Makes You Wonder No More That She's the Woman

So most of you superhero fans out there most likely know that Megan Gale (above) is the actress (or model, whichever way you look at her) who will be wearing the skimpy outfit of comic book heroine Wonder Woman for the Justice League of America movie. If you look at her picture at the top (she's the tall brunette), you'd see her similarity to the original television Wonder Woman actress, Lynda Carter (bottom).

It's no wonder the producers of Justice League chose her. She'd definitely fit the role physically of our Amazonian princess as depicted and illustrated by acclaimed comic book artist Alex Ross (once the production continues for the movie). She's both buff and sexy at the same time - even as her alter ego Diana Prince. Just check out one of Ross's paintings of her on the left.

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Her name is Wonder Woman and there's a lot to wonder about her. First is why she prefers to wear that costume while crimefighting and the other is what she's doing with her lasso. For a clothesline? She doesn't appear to have enough to dry. But why not let others do the wondering for you and just make her your own? Buy this excellent statue of the warrior princess now!

See more of Megan Gale as a model here.

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