Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taxidermia Movie Is about What?!

There have been strange names for movies, and of course, you're familiar with some of them, like Disturbia. These kind of movies are usually of the bizarre kind - usually horror bordering on the insanely comedic. Now, there's a movie called Taxidermia and by the sound of the title, viewers may be treated to some hacking and slashing. But this movie isn't really about these. So what's it all about?

Well, simply put, Taxidermia is the story of three generations of men. There's the story of one who's obese and a speed eater; another one embalms giant cats; still another is able to shoot fire out of his "male member." The ideas are simply outrageous and you have the feeling that the movie may give you a dose of morbid comedy - never mind the horror. It's another surreal movie of the likes of Brazil. For all it's worth, it's also a drama. It's described as "a devious little nightmare," "a genre-defying exercise in imagination," and "perversely-fascinating."

It may not be for everybody, but Taxidermia is said to have been a hit in Cannes (these kind of movies often get critical acclaim there). If you're a film buff, you should definitely watch this one.

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