Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Julie Andrews Stars in Tooth Fairy with Dwayne Johnson

Who would have thought that former wrestler turned bankable actor Dwayne Johnson would star with veteran actress Julie Andrews? They're from two different worlds and appear in contrasting movies. We can't expect to see Andrews in The Scorpion King and we can't imagine Johnson to be in Princess Diaries. But as fate would have it, they are now in the same movie which makes good use of Johnson's spectator sports background and Andrews's appeal as a star of musicals with fancy costumes.

In the comedy movie, Tooth Fairy, Johnson get's in touch with his less masculine side as a tooth fairy with Andrews serving as his superior. It's his punishment for being a scrooge and he has to learn how to be a tooth fairy and a better person at the same time. Only problem is that he's a misfit as a tooth fairy and practically misuses his fairy powers. How that would sit with Andrews's character remains to be seen in the movie, but it's likely Johnson's tooth fairy will have to act on his own to redeem himself and right what he did wrong.

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Eddie said...

I had my kids watch this movie after my Buckhead dentist and I talked about it while he was checking my teeth. He said that it could be a good way to get my kids interested in taking care of their teeth. I was up for it since my wife and I are avid supporters of that child's fantasy. The movie had some lessons for kids too, so it was all good.