Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Wolfman Movie (2010) Bites into Your Fears

There's a new Wolfman in town and his name is Benicio del Toro (left). This versatile actor slips into the shoes of the original 1940s Wolf Man, Lon Chaney Jr, giving the character a more rugged and deeply disturbing look. Since the 1981 movie An American Werewolf in London, there has never been a wolfman movie that actually bites into the consciousness of the viewers - well, there's the Gingersnaps series, but then when audiences have seen too many werewolves, they all start to look the same and the horrid idea of changing into an animal loses its... well... horror.

Now, director Joe Johnston and Benicio del Toro team up to make a remake of the original "The Wolfman" werewolf movie to do a fresh take and to deeply bite into your primordial fear of losing your humanity to something more savage. This version also stars Sir Anthony Hopkins as Sir John Talbot, who horror fans know as Van Helsing in Dracula. He's a logical choice for The Wolfman as his craggly looks and cracked voice lend life to a lost era when superstition was the norm.

Audiences will be treated to more bone-wrenching special effects that will leave some cringing as del Toro's character, Lawrence Talbot, changes into a wolf. Special effects wizards never seem to lose ideas to show how a man changes into a wolf. In this new wolfman movie, you will see del Toro's face extend into one of a canine's and hands that twist and contort into manners that will rival Mister Spock's "live long and prosper" hand greeting. The Wolfman 2010 also stars Emily Blunt as Gwen Conliffe (left).

Take a peek at The Wolfman, here.

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