Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Expendables Poster Looks Like a Guns N' Roses Album

The Expendables ensemble action movie from Sylvester Stallone features a number of old actions stars past and present. Based on the response from screenings, it's expected to be a big hit. After problems with casting, story rewrites, and a neck injury sustained from a mock fight, Stallone is ready to rake in the dollars this year. Promotion for The Expendables has been steady but rising.

This is the poster of The Expendables. It's full of guns and knives and the skull in the middle is kind of reminiscent of art from a Guns N' Roses album. But there's no rose in the expendables, at least not the flower that you would expect, the closest thing to a rose there is actress Giselle ItiƩ of Mexico.

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