Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rise: Blood Hunter Hopes to Get a Rise from Viewers

Lucy Liu is Sadie, a reporter who becomes the victim of a malicious vampire after she gets involved in the world of the undead bloodsuckers as they molest victims then suck them dry of their blood. She becomes one herself and then hunts down the vampire who was responsible. Unable to resist the lust for blood, she becomes a supernatural killer herself who prays on innocent victims, the one thing that she would want eradicated from the world.

Rise: Blood Hunter was made in just a month on a shoestring budget. Still, vampire fans are expected to flock to theaters for this film. If you like blood, then this movie is it. Be warned. It is violent, sexual, and has such gory and bloody scenes that will leave even jaded vampires ready to throw up their insides. It is definitely not for kids or the the faint of heart or those with high blood pressure. If you don't want a rise, don't watch this movie. By the way, it also stars Michael Chiklis of The Shield and The Fantastic Four, whose character, on a personal mission to avenge the death of his daughter, helps Sadie get her revenge.

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