Saturday, August 25, 2007

Queen Guitarist Gets Astronomy PhD Thesis Finished After 30 Years

Rock group Queen's guitarist Brian May has finally completed his thesis in astronomy 30 years after he started it. At 59, the celebrity, famous for being part of old time hits like We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions, began studying for the physics subject degree at London's Imperial College in the 1970s but it got cut short due to his group's music success. It's just this year (2007) that he prioritized his studies, even canceling an appearance at a concert for Princess Diana. It's better later than never. He is pictured above, after he received his University of Hertfordshire award for his contributions in music. His academic move is a good example for many who have always wished to be an astronomer, but never really got to it.

Last year, he co-authored the book Bang! The Complete History of the Universe. With his current achievements, Brian May has become a good role model for the scientific community. You may watch a video of the rockstar being interviewed in i-Mash.
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