Friday, August 24, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction Reminiscent of Mad Max

Remember Mad Max with Mel Gibson playing a former cop in a post apocalyptic Australia? The movie Resident Evil: Extinction, has the same feel as it is set in a desert with rusty vehicles that play a big part of the action. It's the usual zombie movie, though, but instead of using the typical setting of dark and dingy rooms and hallways, this third movie of the video-game-inspired series takes you to a barren wasteland that was once Las Vegas. Movie makers, especially the Japanese, love to portray their cities ruined by giant monsters and robots. Now the West seems to be following their fottsteps as they depict well-known cities in ruins. In Extinction, zombies, and lots of sand, have taken over Sin City. Here, the undead go out during the day as well. Hey, what would they do now that the nightlife in Vegas is no more?

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