Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fans Mull Over New Batman Movie

After the newest trailer of the sequel to Batman Begins was released, there was renewed fervor on the movie, after discussions on the new bat cowl and the death of Heath Ledger (A Knight's Tale) who played the Joker. Rumor has it that this new Batman will be more real, more human, and more believable.

In the first one, Christian Bale, as millionaire Bruce Wayne, battled with his own fears and insecurities, transforming himself into the Batman, after years of training and exposure to the world of criminals, as an outlet for his quest for retribution for the murder of his parents.

This time, he already is the Batman feared by criminals. But something... someone has appeared who has no fear of the Batman. Fans speculate on how Bruce Wayne's mastery over fear and his battle with the Joker may be the trigger that will bring about a new, darker Batman character unlike the one in the previous movie.

Grittier, and with more down-to-earth characters that entwine with the Batman's own, this movie is expected to be just the thing that will make the idea of seeing a brooding vigilante dressed like a bat more real as a hero, or---as Harvey Dent (left photo) puts it in the movie---a villain, if you live long enough.

Watch an explosive trailer of The Dark Knight here

Christian Bale has one word to describe Heath Ledger as The Joker

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