Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The New Ripped and Low-Fat Hulk

When producers of the new Incredible Hulk movie said they'd come up with a new look for the Hulk, they weren't kidding. While the body of the Hulk in the first movie was more similar to the one in the comic books, this new Hulk's body is more like a bodybuilder's that's fresh from intense fat-burning training! It's lean and ripped! Unfortunately, the new Hulk lacks pectoral muscle mass.

The face of this new Hulk also mirrors the one drawn by artists in the comic books and it doesn't resemble puny human Edward Norton's face (left) one bit unlike the previous movie which certainly had the Hulk's face (even the floppy ears) appear like Eric Bana's. See the resemblance?

Strangely, this new Hulk's facial expression resembles Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao's (below-left) as he poses during a weigh-in. Even the ripped muscles are similar. Is it just coincidence?

On the other hand, The Abomination, the Hulk's scaly nemesis in the comic book, also got a makeover. He's no longer "fishy-looking" in this movie and they removed the fangs and spiky, fin ears, opting for a more raw, rounded, and slimy appearance (below).

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