Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Hulk's New Look

Here's the new look of the Incredible Hulk for the movie starring Edward Norton. This one has no resemblance at all to the actor, but it does seem to be a direct takeoff from the comic book depictions of the angry green giant. Live Tyler is reported to be playing Betty Ross.

Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk, will be on the run in the movie, trying to shake General Ross of his back and changing into the Hulk on occasion when somebody makes him angry enough. The climactic battle will be against The Abomination, which will be played by Tim Roth. If you don't know who The Abomination is, he's the muscular green guy with warts and scales all over his body and did I forget to mention he's got fins for ears? Oh, just look at the picture below.
Click here for the new look of The Abomination in the movie and to see more of the new Hulk!

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