Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Devil's Chair Is a Blood-Drenched Study in Horror Inspired by Clive Barker

I remember those movies made by horror novelist Clive Barker. They all have this thing for blood, body mutilation, and transformation using macabre gadgets from hell. Well, this movie, written and directed by Adam Mason, might just be inspired by Clive Barker. It's all about a guy who's suspected of killing his girlfriend when they go inside an abandoned asylum and finds a chair that seems to be a cross between an electric chair and something else. Well, you can imagine what they thought of doing in that chair. The girl sits, the chair locks her up in metal things and starts inserting metals probes into her and drains her blood.

Of course, the police doesn't buy the guy's claims and ends up with a psychiatrist. Then, this psychiatrist and a band of students decides to use his story as a case study and they go to the abandoned asylum to look around. So you now have this bunch of young people and their teacher in a horror house... Yipee!

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