Friday, January 9, 2009

Disney's Earth Movie Revives Classic Tales of Animals

Remember those old Disney documentaries from the 1950s and 60s about animals as they go about their daily business of survival? They were quite entertaining with a musical score to accompany the scenes and antics of the "stars." Those movies made it appear that the animals were more human and had human-like emotions as they make choices.

Well, when we all thought those movies were long gone, we now have one inspired by the mid-1980s documentary series, Planet Earth, which was a hit with students and lovers of nature worldwide. Now, Disney, in cooperation with Greenlight Media and the Discovery Channel, is bringing back the spirit of its classic animal tale features with its own version of the Earth series in a full-length movie narrated by James Earl Jones.

Earth, which will be shown worldwide on Earth day on April 22, 2009, will take audiences on a journey with three wilderness families as they take on challenges in environments we would call harsh, but are otherwise home to them, no matter how cruel.

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