Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Megan Fox Could Be the Next Lara Croft in Third Movie Installment

The third movie in the Tomb Raider series will depict a different Lara Croft. She will no longer be a rich English girl and she'll no longer be played by Angelina Jolie. So who's the girl lucky enough to be wearing the skimpy shorts of the sexy adventurer?

It's said that Megan Fox is the possible choice for the next Lara Croft. But of course, this might not be true, owing to the fact that Hollywood can make late decisions about casting. Remember that Fox was said to have been selected to play Wonder Woman in the movies, but it turned out that the news was a hoax.

The changes to be done with the Tomb Raider franchise (at least for the upcoming movie) was brought about in part by ownership of the rights to make the movie. The first two movies were produced by Paramount, but now the rights have been given back to video game company Eidos. Do you think the computer-graphic Lara Croft resembles Megan Fox?

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