Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2012 Movie to Make Money Long After Doomsday?

So you might have heard of how the world might end in the year 2012. Why are people saying this? Well, it's the year when the calendar used by the ancient Mayans is supposed to end. To some people, it's either the end of the world or the end of an age when all the old is replaced by the new. And we all know what that means - destruction.

Yes, there has to be destruction before something new is created. It's the law of the universe depicted in many religious artworks worldwide.

But while many people are worried about how the world will end in 2012, some, like the producers of the special-effects movie of the same title, are thinking of how much money they are going to make, banking on this primal fear of humans. For sure, when the movie is released later in 2009 (before 2012, of course), a lot of hype will be created enough for Hollywood to make a lot of money on this one prior and perhaps after the expected doomsday.

2012 is directed by Robert Emmerich, who's no stranger to disaster movies with lots of visual effects. It stars John Cusak and Amanda Peet. You can take a peek at pictures of Amanda Peet before the world ends here.

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mahakk01 said...

I really like your post as it gives the movie review and also gives the description of the facts going around with the concept behind the movie.2012 is movie based on the end of the world.This has brilliant picturisation and story is also good.
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