Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Army of R2D2s Invade the United States

What's this? An army of Star Wars R2D2 clones? No. They're really mailboxes made up like the cute droid. They are scattered all over America to mark the 30th anniversary of George Lucas's cult film this year. Coincidentally (or on purpose), a Star Wars-inspired movie, "Heart of an Empire" also comes to the big screen. It is about a group of people doing charity work like visiting children's hospitals while dressed up as Empire stormtroopers. When the amputee-founder's daughter is diagnosed with cancer, the stormtroopers becomes her support group. This is actually a documentary on Albin Johnson's Fighting 501st Legion. The group's intentions are noble and the way they are depicted in the movie is heartwarming, but this picture of Darth Vader looming over a sick kid makes you think, "What's he saying to her? 'Join me and we'll rule the galaxy together'?"

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