Sunday, March 25, 2007

Grindhouse Movie Promises Fresh Yet Classic Treats

Grindhouse is a B-movie of B-movies. But it's a slick one, and something that audiences may want to experience for the sheer thrill of it. And it's not just one thrill, but two! Yes, it's two movies in one, both independently directed by no qualms directors Robert Rodriguez of "Desperado" fame and Quentin Tarantino of the "Kill Bill" movies. Rodriguez's opus in the movie is "Planet Terror," a world that is earilly similar to ours but twisted in many psychologically delectable ways. Tarantino's segment is titled "Death Proof" which is about a killer who uses his pimped-up car as a weapon to hunt his victims.

So, what's a jaded audience to see in this movie that seems to be fill of old Hollywood cliches? Well, look at some of these promotional posters and see if you won't be tempted to see how it turns something old fresh and, well, worth the price of a theater ticket for a much deserved escape from reality. At any rate, you'll know why it's titled "Grindhouse." More Grindhouse pictures in the next post.

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