Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stardust Graphic Novel Now a Movie

What do you get when you combine the genres of fairy tale, romance, and science fiction? You get the movie Stardust. Never heard of it? Well, it's actually based on a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman (famous for the "Sandman" graphic novel series) and illustrator Charles Vess.
In it, our hero Tristan falls for a girl named Victoria. But she's cold to him. To win her heart, he goes on a quest to retrieve a fallen star. The problem is that he's not the only one who's after it---four princes, three ghosts, and the witch Lamia. The problem of our hero is complicated by the fact that he has to go through a pirate and a shady trader by the name of Ferdy the Fence. Along the way, he discovers that the star is actually a pretty girl. So who does he fall for now?

Hmm. Powerful goats. Might not be very fast, though.

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