Saturday, April 7, 2007

Balls of Fury to Heat up Theaters

What? A movie about underground ping-pong tournaments? This idea could be something from the anime genre. In this movie, our innocent hero gets drawn into a sinister game that not only involves sending plastic balls bouncing off a table, but also a mission to avenge his father's death by the hands of an old nemesis called Cheng, or Feng!

Wow! Cheng?! Feng?! This movie's really got an oriental slant. Of course! What would ping-pong be without the Chinese champion players? If they weren't involved, ping-pong wouldn't be ping-pong. It would just be table tennis.

The pictures here certainly serve to heat things up even before you watch the movie. It has the feel and trappings of a classic "arena" martial arts movie like "Bloodsport" or "Streetfighter."

Eh, the big guy looks like Hurley from "Lost." And what's Christopher Walken pretending to be? Dracula? I'd frown too if I were made to wear that hairdo. He must be playing Cheng. Who's the girl, you ask? She's Maggie Denise Quigley, an actress from Hawaii. Don't you think she's got a good future in the movies?

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