Friday, April 6, 2007

Michael Myers, Before and After in Halloween 2007

The Myers axe-guy is at it again. He is immortal, after all and cannot be killed like so many other horror fiends. This time, he's after his baby sister. After doing so many Halloween movies, what have they got to offer here? The top picture is supposed to be of Myers as a kid. The one below it is Myers all grown up and as the indestructible killer. I think I like the masked one better. At least you can't see his eyes. Who would want a kid who looks at you like that? Scaaary!

Hey, look! here are some of the girls in the movie. I reckon two of them will be victims. One of them should be the kid sister. Who do you think it is?

Or, maybe they all get to die? Who cares? Moviegoers just want to see how stupid the characters are. You know, you yell at them at the top of your lungs not to go there, but what do they do? They still go and get... oh, never mind.

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