Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Bionic Woman to Be Remade

Heads up! There is a movie remake of the 1970s science-fiction action television series The Bionic Woman. This series was actually a spin-off of the highly popular The Bionic Man, about an astronaut who crashes to earth and is rebuilt using robotic body parts, then becomes an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The Bionic Woman follows the same plot, although she is a tennis player who gets injured in an accident and gets a different set of cybernetic gadgets in her body, like a bionic ear.

The original bionic woman was played by Lindsay Wagner (top) who was paired with "bionic man" Lee Majors. This time, it's been officially announced by BBC news that former EastEnders star Michelle Ryan (left) will fill her shoes. She beat other hopefuls for the plum role.

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