Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Barbarella Movie to Be Directed by Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez will be directing the 2008 version of the classic 1968 B movie, Barbarella, a sci-fi action flick the likes of which will appeal to fans of Heavy Metal magazine. The original starred Jane Fonda as a sexy mercenary and was produced by Dino de Laurentiis, the same guy who gave us the Sindbad series and Flash Gordon. The new movie will be penned by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade of Casino Royale fame. It will be produced by Martha De Laurentiis.

According to Rodriguez, "I love this iconic character and all that she represents, and I'm truly excited by the challenge of inviting a new audience into her universe." Dino De Laurentiis says of the remake: "In our vision, the future is female, and I can't wait to introduce 'Barbarella' to a new generation of moviegoers," he said.

Barbarella first appeared in a French comic book written and illustrated by Jean-Claude Forest.

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