Monday, May 7, 2007

The Greatest American Hero Movie Is Here!

To those who lived it up in the eighties as a kid, teenager, or young adult, you must have loved Stephen J. Cannel's comedy-adventure series with a heart---The Greatest American hero (1981-83 on ABC), starring William Katt, Connnie Sellecca, and Robert Culp. It is about an ordinary guy, schoolteacher Ralph Hinkley, who is given superhero powers when he ends up with a special suit from an alien being. The problem is that he had lost the "how-to-use-book" that comes with it. That's where the comedy and surprises come in. It's what made the series appealing to a wide audience. It also made the theme song, "Greatest American Hero (Believe It or Not)" by Joey Scarbury, hugely popular. Now, it's a movie from Touchstone Pictures and promises to give you the same brand of entertainment as the series did. It will also undoubtedly revive the theme to new heights of popularity. Coming soon!

The picture that follows shows actor William Katt flying over the stage in the TV Land Awards, 2008 dressed as superhero Hinkley.

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