Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Rambo 4 You!

John Rambo doing his old job again of turning angst and anger against enemies and a war which he'd rather not be a part of if it weren't for circumstances that surround him. Whew! But, like in the other movies, he still immerses himself in the bloodbath and ends up being our favorite antihero, though he may have more control of his anger this time around.
In the sequel, Rambo has lived a peaceful life with his family (courtesy of the government) for more than a decade when he becomes a target of racists. His family, particularly his daughter, falls in danger and he rescues them. That's the gist of it all, but what's really important is to see how the events take place.

Sylvester Stallone's latest Rocky was received well by audiences. Will this new Rambo follow suit and fill more of the void in your head than the last one? Stallone's face seems more chubby here but that doesn't mean there's less beef in the action. Hopefully, the plot will also have heft.

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