Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Star Wars Fans Endure Movie Marathon

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars series of George Lucas, fans endured 17 hours in the Los Angeles Convention Center watching all six movies of the series. A few thousand showed up for the screening. Spokesman Jonathan Zaleski said "the saga spans 30 years, it spans multiple generations of fans as well. There are people in costume, families. It's an interesting mix. You get the usual assortment of Storm Troopers running around," he added. "I imagine it's pretty uncomfortable to sit for 17 hours encased in plastic."

Aside from the screening, there was an exhibit of movie props, autograph signing, and even a Storm Trooper Olympics. The event was open free to fan club members and to the paying public. The photo shows fans in costume posing against a billboard of a forty-one cent US stamp designed for the anniversary.

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